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Scârț loc lejer

There are in this fabulous, confusing and mixed in its diversity world, people with flashes of originality. Hence, today I will talk about such a little man. Those who ever reach the city of Timisoara, I give you a tip. It’s a must, MUST, to go and visit the tearoom Scart Loc Lejer (approximate translation: Squeak Loose Place). I don’t know if out of the owner’s nostalgiaor just out of originality and parody, the place is decorated in a vintage atmosphere, slightly industrial-communist and with a touch of fantesy. In a corner of the room, a knight armor. In another corner, an old huge radio with vacuum tubes. The walls are literally loaded with warning plates from the glorious socialist industrial plants, stating, for example, the need for safety glasses, if welding. In one room, open umbrellas, hanging from the ceiling, upside down.

I will not spoil the whole surprise listing all the weird things found there. The fact is you can not make a single step without comming across something to marvel. I allow myself, however, to enumerate some of the menu just for the sake of originality and that you, my readers, get an idea:

Category “Awakeners” Coffee long, with or without milk; Coffee with foams or creamy; cup of coffee without coffee; chicory with milk; Late cafe without Misfire; frappe in mugs; Zuma hot chocolate, puddingy etc.

Category “Tea, sir?!” – Suki brew tea on the set; Russian Caravan, black smoked; Mango Tango, black Ceylon; Apple with mint and rosebuds, tea in mugs etc.

Category “drinkable” – Lipova water with holes; Lipova semi-still water; Pipy wall water, no matter how many ml = free; fair lemonade, etc.

The menu is more specific: “the smiles, greetings, flirting, orders, service and payment is done at the bar with bartender.”

We served hot chocolate. Which, by the way, is not made out of chemical dusts, as I had expected. There, the hot chocolate is made out on the spot, from generously poured cocoa until the spoon stands almost still in the cup.


P.S. – In Scart Loc Lejer there are theater plays. If you’re lucky to catch one, I recommend warmly! :)



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