Tuesday, April 23, 2024 23:04

Requiem, Domina…

In black she is dressed,
With veiled crape down to the ground,
And sad and knelt
On the edge of a tomb…

Thou, to whom a nation bowed
And sat before Thee silent, bent,
Oh, my glorious beloved Queen,
To whom Thou knelt before Thy knee?

Thou,  who from Thine height
Subdue a world with just a word,
The pain of Death with cruelty
Leaned Thy forehead to the ground…

And in place of the royal robe
It put a black veil of mourning,
And above Thy happiness
A white and sad, eternal shroud.

And without any consolation,
In your painful last impetus,
Thou seem a watching Angel
On a tomb’s coldest slab…



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