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A night at the Opera

No, I did not have the honor (?) of attending an Opera concert, although it might have been interesting, and I even know a few titles that I’d like to see/hear/feel/… .

I was searching a few days ago all and none on YouTube’s tubes, and while kept staring and hopping from clip to clip, I saw a title like “Click me, damn it!” which read: “Victor Borge hands off! The funniest night at the opera you could you get.” Pure Cancan, mon cher! However, for lack of other occupation, and because my prefrontal was scratching his forehead thoughtfully – “what could be, sir, so funny at the Opera?” – I clicked it.

Rarely in recent years I have laughed out loud, heartily, the kind of laughing that does not let you breathe, the last time it happened to me about 8 months ago. Well, virtual or not, I can now boast that I have spent a night at the Opera. In which I laughed, and I laughed, enough to last me for another few years. If the next day I had sore abdominal + chest muscles!…

This uncle, Victor Borge, of who, unfortunately, I haven’t heard so far, is a baby genius. First, he can play the piano fabulously well (I’ll still become a pianist one day!), and he also has a wonderful voice, and because he also makes comedy on Opera, he has a face and a mimic as if they were separating from there! So, mug + voice + mimicry + dexterity = inadmissible nice and funny! And because and therefor inadmissible things should not be admitted in all-out.. prefrontal, a central committee was compiled, which decided – unanimously – that this gentleman, Victor, is too utterly! Russians Ladies might laugh, but not like so!

I present two of the clips that amused me, though they are many more, and I am confident that you will search for all of them! ;)

The second, although in Danish, it offers English subtitles. And the A-MA-ZING smile of Michala Petri would be reason enough to watch the video, even without the humor part.



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