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Pills of August

I missed my pills! Not the colorful sort that is to be taken out by the fist, for all sorts of illnesses that granny suffers of, but the kind that are downright and downleft wonderful for the trembling of the soul and shriveling of the skin. Let’s do, I say, a list for the thrilling of the soul:

  • I like to get up in the morning with small eyes, spoiled, still carrying dreams. I like to get up in the morning without having to get out of bed immediately.
  • The feeling of someone playing in your hair.
  • The music that brings goose bumps and not only.
  • The lump in the throat before you are about to cry, and you try to hold on hard and be “a man”.
  • When your nose is red and irritated by too much napkins wiping, you feel that you’re gonna die if you don’t breathe through your mouth, and your nostrils decongest all of a sudden.
  • To pop bubble wraps. I’d do a championship!
  • To sit after a whole day of walking/standing.
  • Opening a book to the right page, from the first attempt.
  • Cradling of a necklace and slowly lowering it in the palm, to form a pile.
  • To turn the pillow on the cold side.
  • To get up looking into the eyes of the loved one.
  • The uncontrollable laughter, convulsively, wholeheartedly and with all your teeth.
  • A cup of hot liquid in a cold morning.
  • Waking up in a cloudy morning, with dawns filled with rain, when you know you don’t have to go anywhere through coldness and moisture. Lazing between the sheets.
  • Reading a book on background sounds of crickets or rhythmic raindrops.
  • The sound that doves make, like a rumbling.
  • Hugging involuntarily during sleep.



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