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Half poison, half goddess


Venenum dimidium et dimidium Dea

Sir, whoever you are, save me! Deliver me from this person!
-A person so wonderful?
-A Demon, sir!… You say she is a beautiful creature … Rather, this person, for you will be henceforth a feared enemy… If you’ll meet her again , flee… If your fate will ever bring you around her, do not accept anything that will give you…
Fear the glass of water that you she will offer, the fruit of which she will bite half and give you the other half, or the jewel that she would offer you, asking you to accept it!
-And yet, you warn me! …
-Oh, I’m afraid so! Because although we share the same body, she embittered my whole life! Half poison, half goddess! Flee, sir, flee from her venom, no matter how sweet you’d find my grace. For in me, the grace carries venom and venom wears grace! Flee, save yourself, I am lost. Look at the redness of indignation that purples my face, and it makes it even more sweet and nice.. it’s a trap, sir, another tool of this demonic viper that you call wonderful. Flee from her, fear me, avoid us. Here, then, the truth, that I speak biting my lips to the blood.
Flee, sir…



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