Thursday, July 25, 2024 14:02

If I was…

I received an adorable quiz, therefor, voila!

If I was a season – I would be a spring, when everything blooms.
If I was a month – May! May! And May!
If I was a day of week – I was Friday, when the weekend just starts.
If I was a part of the day – definitely night! I’m a declared nictofil!
If I was a virtue – I’d be, in fact I am, loyalty, fidelity and constancy.
If I was a planet – Saturn, so I can climb on its rings and eat neptunian ice cream, while cradling my feet in the void.
If I was a liquid – water, because its simple, gracious and indispensable.
If I was a weather condition – I was winter, so that a spring completes me.
If I was an instrument – either piano, or electric guitar.
If I was a feeling – thrice love, period!
If I was a gesture –  eyebrow rise, when I wonder, or smile, its happiness bringer.
If I was a sound – I think I would be silence. I’m better at listening than talking.
If I was a song – Für Elise, and I would sing myself only once, for the right someone.
If I was a symbol – I would be a circle, without beginning or end.
If I was a city – I was Brasov, because it obsesses me.
If I was a taste – some say I’m sweet..what do I know? :”>
If I was a flavor – I was perfume of Nicotiana (Queen of the Night) or lime, in the night.
If I was a color – black or red. Or black and red.
If I was a part of the body – I’d be lips or hands, to feel.
If I was a drug – love, again… :/
If I was an accessory – I was a small cross.
If I was a makeup product – lipstick, I guess.. hard to decide.
If I was a school class – I was Romanian Language, so I can unleash legally and irrefutably my Grammar Nazi impulses.
If I was a cartoons character – Snow White, ’cause she’s silly like me and believes everything.
If I was a shape – amorphous, so that I can be modeled by the one who deserves.
If I was a number – I was 3, superstition.
If I was a car – I was Volkswagen Bora.
If I was a cloth – I would be a victorian dress with a lot of lace and corset, like any goth ;;)

Thanks to Vienela for the invitation, whoever wants to participate, please dare, there’s more where this came from, and its even free! ;)



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