Thursday, July 25, 2024 13:04

Dark shadows

Mostră de poezie mumoasă, și nu e scrisă de mine :)

Dark shadows move into the night
Hidding themselves from the light
Just like a ghost
With her soul lost
In the morning they run
At night they are having fun

Living deads of the cemetery
Playing around the crematory
Looking at the people on the street
Tickling them at the feet
But the people don’t react
Because they don’t see them in fact
Nor they feel them
Nor they hear them

Because ghosts don’t exist, do they?
Because ghosts can’t speak, can they?
Because ghosts don’t breathe, do they?
Because ghosts don’t walk, do they?

But after death we all get to be a ghost
And we walk as if we are lost,
Haunting the living
And we like to hear them screaming…



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