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Maybe I have not said so far (but I said, at least 10 times, haven’t I?), but my gland responsible with serotonin, melanin, dopamine, kinda gets short-circuited when I get the chance (alas, more and more rare…) to meet wonderful little people. That they are wonderful, it’s their fault! That I adore them, it’s… still their fault, ’cause that’s how it is in tennis, but it does not matter!

Though I crazy about rhythmic and useless movements (a.k.a. dance), we are currently wrapping around each other in a waltz. It’s kind of a game of Jerry and the cat, though we do not know who the mouse is and who’s….. What did I want to say?

I forgot…

The adorable in discussion is most likely aware that she is among the most adorable of the face of the Earth. Maybe just on the back of the Earth to be more adorable creatures, but she just blinks innocently with her big eyes, and she pretends she does not understand. Sometimes she smiles at me (whoaaaaa, can you imagine how important I feel??), and I have no idea if I should take her in my arms of too much love, or “let it be”, so she doesn’t run away. Surely though, I’m sewing soulish lace and I can hardly believe it is not grueling, tortuous, complicated and time consuming the process through which i ended up here …

What makes me wonder with pupils still dilated by the effect of the above-mentioned hormones: how can Earth hold another category of people, especially the wicked ones, together with such delicate, graceful, embracable and lovable miracles?

I just hope it’s not the eternal straw fire that I’m still struggling with, every few years. I’m going to detest the meteors with all their grandiose aesthetics; its too much like the explosions of “aaaaaah!”, “oooooh!”, “wow!!” and “ulalaaaaa!” followed by decay, extinguishment, and slipping into oblivion.



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